Private Sector Development Center in Iraq

Welcome to the website of the Private Sector Development Center in Iraq developed to serve as a source of information on the opportunities and constraints of doing business in Iraq.

Iraq is a country full of potential and promise; here at the PSDC we believe that unlocking the potential of the private sector is fundamental to Iraq’s prosperity and development.
Without a more diversified and growing private sector Iraq’s economy will continue to struggle to provide its people with a decent living and will compel the nation to continue relying on its oil reserves and  at the mercy of volatile international oil prices.

Chairman's Note

During my term as Chairman of the PSDC, I aim to do all in my power to assist in developing the private sector. I, together with my colleagues in the Steering Committee of the PSDC are all keen to be involved and informed of the important issues affecting the private sector and hence we place this website at your disposal as it is intended to serve as a vehicle for informing, explaining and clarifying the actions, roles and responsibilities of the PSDC, raising awareness about our centre and its mission, and – most importantly – giving us an opportunity to hear from you.
There is no alternative to meeting face-to-face, however we realise time pressures and the inevitable move these days to all things ‘virtual’ and we have made every effort to make our web presence communicative and meaningful.
We hope that you will find the website useful and easy to use and look forward to hearing your views whether you are a member of the public or private sector working in Iraq in order to make it a more effective portal and to help our centre conduct its work more efficiently.
Khalid Mahdi
Chairman of the Private Sector Development Center in Iraq
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