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Empowering Enterprise – Nina, the New Magazine and Web portal for Iraqi Women Everywhere, Launch date, spring 2014 (published by the PSDC)

The above is a draft only and the first issue may not appear the same



“I am an Iraqi who grew up with shared lives and friendships, both Sunni and Shia…I now don’t have a home because home is where you feel a sense of belonging. I’ve been in the UAE for the last 15 years. The irony is that most people here will eventually head home, while I can’t. I am still looking for that home of my heart and don’t know where to find it. I feel I’m stuck at a train station where I see people off and welcome new visitors – whilst never myself being able to board the train that will take me home.

Wissal Al Allaq, UAE, speaking in the Iraq Business news in my blog, February 2013.


I am Madeleine White, a business owner, writer, mother and communications expert. I met Wissal when I was speaking about the power of technology at an international event in Dubai last February. Wissal’s desire to communicate her thoughts shared above in a forum that links real voices to technology, is the inspiration behind a new project to launch Nina a magazine for and by Iraqi women and the men that matter to them at the end of April 2014.


The magazine, to be published by the PSDC initially in English and Arabic, and distributed in country (Erbil, Bagdad and Basra) and across the world via the internet, will focus on creating women’s economic empowerment by sharing experiences, needs and success stories in print and online. An estimated launch readership of 50,000 across the web and in print will harness the desire of in-country and diaspora Iraqis to connect and support each other, creating a meeting point for tradition, innovation and ideas.


Inez Murray, in her capacity as CEO for the Global Banking Alliance for Women (which represents 32 banks and 5 non-banks in 135 countries) comments:

“The value of the women’s market is being recognised as game changing in the global banking market. By providing a meeting and communications hub in an opportunity-rich environment such as Iraq, we believe this magazine and the related events will allow our member banks, to share practical experiences and innovations they have implemented to support women’s economic empowerment in their countries. Previous experience has shown us that a combination of knowledge share and practical support, working with local financial institutions, can facilitate growth. We are therefore delighted to offer our support for this pioneering project.


We need your help!

We will be posting regular project updates and showing you project progression on the PSDC website. At the moment you can see a very draft impression of how we expect it to look. Nina is all about co-creation, so your thoughts and comments are essential! The logos will be up in the next couple of weeks for you to comment on.

For further information, or if you are interested in contributing editorial, advertising, sponsorship or assistance with distribution, contact me Madeleine White at, or the PSDC team on



Background information:


1.       The Name - Nina

Nin is what many believe to be the first definition of the word goddess – a female being with the power to transform lives. Nin was also seen as the embodiment of the spirit of the ancient city of Nineveh (close to modern Mosul). Eventually Nin became the root of Nina, the name we have chosen, a name able to across languages and cultures – as the Heart of enterprise and the Spirit of Iraq.


2.       Practicalities:

·         Nina: the Spirit of Enterprise, the Heart of Iraq  -  a magazine for and by Iraqi women and the men that matter to them, will be published at the end of April / beginning of May 2014, with accompanying launch events in the UK, Iraq and Sweden.

·         Cover price @ $2.50

·         Bulk subscriptions are priced at $1.50 per magazine.

·         Estimated 50,000 readership


For more details please see our Executive Summary, Features List and Draft Visual Design Work


Check out how far we have come, see the latest information here.



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