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Mission & Objectives

The Private Sector Development Center in Iraq (PSDC) is a registered local and independent civil society organization established in 2012. As a joint private sector body, the PSDC is focused on economic reform in Iraq, its mission is:
" Promoting an inclusive and competitive Iraqi private sector through trust building, public-private dialogue, advocacy for economic reform and market-orientated activities"
The aim of the mission has three different dimensions:
  1. The need to establish trust in a country that is just emerging from conflict.
  2. The necessity to have a structured engagement with the government and obtain its commitment to work with the private sector.
  3. A differentiated mission as compared to other business member organizations in focusing on economic reforms while leaving space for the PSDC to develop market-orientated activities that wil help Iraqi businesses become more competitive.
The PSDC aims to achieve 5 key objectives by 2015:
  1. Build the PSDC as a sustainable and recognized organization which effectively voices Iraqi private sector concerns.
  2. Becoming an influential partner in a public-private dialogue process aimed at accelerating growth.
  3. Contribute to tangible economic reforms leading to quatifiable impact for the Iraqi economy.
  4. Promote inclusion of women and the disenfrachised in economic development.
  5. Provide capacity building activities for Iraqi private businesses and associations.
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