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Our Partners

To achieve its goals the Private Sector Development Center in Iraq (PSDC) intends to work with a wide range of stakeholders:
Government is a critical stakeholder for the PSDC. As a partner in dialogue and recipient of private sector reform proposals, it plays a key role in helping to fulfill the PSDC's mission and achieve it's goals. Since the first year of the PSDC's establishment it has engaged with numerious entities including:
  • Council of Advisors - Prime Minister Office.
  • Private Sector Development Department - Ministry of Trade.
  • Parliamentary Economic Committee. 
  • Cabinet General Secretariat.
  • Provincial Councils.
The objectives of the PSDC's partnership with Government are:
  1.   Explore the potential to establish a formal public-private dialogue structure.
  2.  Create regular opportunities to address business environment issues.
  3.  Build allies in Government to help advoicate for reforms more broadly.
Also, relevant are Civil Society Organizations and Economic Research Institutes, both to ensure the impact of the PSDC's work on the broader society is understood and to provide a more evidence-based and analytical grounding for proposals that are develped. PSDC Working Groups will include these and other voices in their deliberations. The Media is important to help generate awareness about the need for business enabling environment reform and the benefits that such reform would provide for the country.
Development Partners are a key stakeholder in terms of providing financial support for the PSDC, for supporting reform efforts and as an opportunity for the PSDC to influence their agendas. These include:
The World Bank Group has provided secretariat support from the PSDC's beginning.
With SIDA's assistance the PSDC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with  Trade Chamber of Sweden which was signed in 2012. The PSDC has had an engaged role in the activities of other organizations.
Last but not least, is the Private Sector. The primary focus is business membership organizations (BMOs comprising of sector associations, chambers, federations) where the aim is to engage an increasing number of these BMOs over time. Secondly, the PSDC focuses on companies and individuals to which it will open up PSDC membership.
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