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The PSDC has set up a structure to ensure that regular discussions on reform issues take place through Working Groups composed of private sector representatives are taking place. The Working Groups present their recommendations to the steering committee for approval.
Both Working Groups and the Steering Committee are supported by a Secretariat which provides administrative, analytical and facilitation support to help members better understand constraints and their potential solutions.
The Steering Committee is responsible for setting the organization’s agenda and the facilitation in the composition of relevant Working Groups. It provides overall oversight of the whole process and ensures that the PSDC remains relevant.
The Secretariat is to be perceived in a neutral role between the private sector and Government to play a coordinating role between participating business associations and Government. The secretariat is charged with a range of supporting roles including handling administrative affairs and producing outreach material.
Working Groups are composed of a mix of stakeholders to discuss and then to produce recommendations for the Steering Committee to endorse and advocate for. Working Groups may include representatives from business associations, technical experts, industry leaders, and government officials.
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